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Hair-On Collection


The Top

Hand-made upholstery with genuine hair-on-hide leather imported from Brazil. The bench features White Oak solid blocks from recycled wood. 

The Base

The base features a solid recycled metal frame with brass finish. Multiple lacquer coating to provide luxury design finish. Solid White Oak blocks from recycled wood added to complement the metal base and soften the bench design.


The Design

This exclusive one of a kind designer bench upholstered in hair-on-hides to complement this exotic design. White Oak solid blocks. used to complement this metal base. Recycled steel plate support finished in brushed brass polished to perfection with clear lacquer coating for a luxury finish.

Dimensions:  36" x  18" x  19"

Upholstery: Hair-on-Hides

Base: 1/2" Recycled Steel Solid Plate

Color Top: White with pattern

Color Base: Brushed Brass

Custom Sizes Available

Custom Colors Available

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