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Blanket Collection

 FIRE RED 4 .jpg


Black Red Tip Scandinavian Fox top quality hand sewing. This luxury blanket offers no compromise and it is made out of top quality imported fur.


The Blanket is dyed using all natural colours without any chemical process.

Nicely finished with wool/cotton natural fabric for the underliner to make you feel cozy and warm. 

 FIRE RED  3 .jpg


The whole idea was to create the Luxury feel and look blanket that will provide warmth, comfort and at the same time elevate Interior Design in any home. This Scandinavian Fox blanket is made by hand for top quality craftsmanship. Colouring and dyeing process is all natural without using any chemicals. A good quality wool/cotton type liner adds a beautiful feel and finish to this blanket for warmth and comfort.

Dimensions:  Custom

Upholstery: Scandinavian Fox Fur

Liner: Wool/Cotton type Fabric

Colour Top: Black Red Tip

Colour Liner: Black

Custom Colours Available

Custom Upholstery Available

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