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Nappa Leather Collection


The Top

Pescara bench upholstery is made from individual leather straps. Each leather strap is hand-made from the best quality Nappa Leather imported from Germany Heller Leder. Each strap sewing done by hand with braided nylon thread on an old German sewing machine from 1945 to achieve this best sewing result. 

The Base

The base is made from recycled metal alloy with brushed satin nickel finish.


The Design

Pescara bench is very unique in design with top of the line Nappa Leather hand made upholstery to Recycled alloy metal finished in brush satin nickel. This bench can be upholstered in any leather of your choice if need it. Also the the base colour can be changed to custom as well.

Dimensions:  48" x  16" x  19"

Upholstery: Nappa Leather Heller

Base: Recycled Metal Alloy

Color Top: Caribou Snow

Color Base: Brushed Satin Nickel 

Custom Sizes Available

Custom Colour Available

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