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Walnut Collection


The Top

The best quality of 2.5 inch Solid Black Walnut top.

Hand-made piece by piece with plank by plank glued under extreme high pressure for long durability. Polished top to perfection and stained dark for a custom finish colour

The Base

Entire solid wood base made by hand as well. Every edging glued and polished by hand for this exclusive luxury look.


The Design

The round custom made table was cut out from dark solid walnut studs which we glued together under very high pressure and heat. Then whole table was cut out and polished by hand to perfection. Supporting base is made out of solid wood and all decorative edges was made by hand in our house. Many hours of polishing and sanding to achieve this luxury finish.

Dimensions:  64" x  2"

Top: Solid Black Walnut

Base: Solid Wood

Color Top: Dark Brown

Color Base: Dark brown

Custom Sizes Available

Custom Finish Available

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