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Chairs Collection

Maison Luxe Canada


This contrast between black and white two strongest colors in the entire color pallet create a massive collision trying to overpower each other but creating beauty at the same time.

Giving you a taste of a modern 1950 black & white interior design. 


Half an inch solid rod design frame makes a beautiful sexy stand here.

The entire frame is made out of recycled metal, heat treated and powdered coated number of times to perfection.

Maison Luxe Canada
Designer Metal Chair Lounger


In this design, we upholstered this beautiful metal frame in black and white Tibetan Lamb but it could be done in any other upholstery if need it. The metal frame could be also powder coated in custom color.  

Dimensions:  Standard Lounger Chair

Top: Tibetan Lamb

Base: Recycled Metal Rod

Color Top: Black & White

Color Legs: Black

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