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Hair-On Collection

Maison Luxe Canada


Beautiful upholstered frame in genuine Hair-On leather. Natural Beaver fur bolster pillow and the stripe complements this unique design. 


Stainless steel round-oval shape brushed metal legs are just perfect to complete this unique style.

Maison Luxe Canada
Designer Daybed


Beautiful Daybed design, a modern straight concept with high-end genuine Italian hair-on leather upholstery. Strong blue bolster pillow and the daybed blue stripe upholstered in All Natural Canadian Beaver fur to complement this design. Entire bed stands on stainless steel brushed metal legs.

Dimensions:  72 x 30 x 16

Top: Hair-On Hide & Natural Beaver Fur

Base: Hair-On Hide Brasil Leather

Color Top: Jet Black & Blue

Color Legs: Stainless Steel Brushed

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