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Hair On Leather Collection

Hair On Leather

The leather best grain aniline natural hair on fur imported from Germany Heller Leder, with top quality hand made upholstery.

The Base

This double tier base design made out of alloy antique brushed recycled bronze steel metal. Fine super thin clear coat of lacquer applied to provide luxury shine finish.

Additional tier shelf added to the bottom of the ottoman to complement the design. Wood white oak shelf finished with clear coat semi gloss finish.

The Design

This luxury ottoman features three elegant elements, metal, wood and leather which are combined together to achieve this unique design. Entire production of this unit is done by hand and the quality of the craftsmanship shows in it's design. 

Dimensions:  48" x  36" x 17"

Upholstery: Full Grain Hair On Leather

Base: Recycled Steel Metal Alloy

Color Top: Hair On Fur

Color Legs: Brushed Antique Brass

Custom Sizes Available

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