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Lucite Collection

Lucite Storage Bench

The best quality Beaver fur with handmade upholstery.

Lucite Acrylic Storage

Acrylic glass the highest grade called Lucite. Pure acrylate casting used to form this transparent storage.

The Design

The main focus of this design is the acrylic storage, crystal transparent support makes this seat floating in the air. At the same time with proper light in the room this base will reflect the light and shine of a crystal ball. Top seat made from the best quality leather fur available on the market. Upholstery is hand-made bespoke quality and all natural beaver fur complements the unique design.

Dimensions:  44" x  16" x  18"

Upholstery: Top Quality Beaver Fur

Base: Solid Acrylic Glass Sheets

Color Top: Rose Beige

Color Base: Crystal Clear Acrylic

Custom Sizes Available

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